– This limited warranty is offered by Vaux Bicycle Industries and warrants to the purchaser user / customer that for a period as mentioned below for specific parts this warranty will be applicable.

– Lifetime warranty on all frames for the entire ownership period of the original purchaser. This covers manufacturing and material defects.

– Fork: Nine months from the date of purchase.

– All other original components and accessories – Nine months from the date of purchase..

– Defective frame shall be replaced only on its receipt from the manufacturer.

– Bicycle is not meant for stunting, jumping etc. and is meant for exercise, leisure and commuting purpose.

– Children training wheels / side supporters should be removed in 7-15 days.

– One free check-up of bicycle will be provided only within 90 days from the date of purchase. Original Bill should be produced.

– Free check-up will be available from Monday – Friday.

– Spare parts fitted during free check-up will be charged extra.

– Please check the frame number of the bicycle with that on the tax invoice.

– Cleaning and Oiling compulsory to keep your bicycle healthy.

– Chrome plated parts must be cleaned to avoid rust.

– No verbal commitment from sales/service staff will be accepted for any claims.

– Goods once sold will not be taken back or exchanged.


ECOWHEELERS  will not be held responsible for:-

– Any misuse of the bicycle by the customer.

– In case of any legal/health issue arising due to usage of the bicycle.


– Normal wear and tear.

– Tyres, tubes, gear sets and related consumables which get depleted due to normal usage.

– Damage caused by accidents, neglect, misuse or abuse.

– Modification or alteration in any way of the original product.

– Direct, incidental, or consequential damages, including damages for personal injuries, property damage or economic loss.

– Labour charges for part replacement or changeover.

– Transport charges for replacement parts.

– Plastic and rubber components or the accessories in plastic / rubber adding to the decorative value of the bicycle.

– If the product is used for rental or any other commercial use, stunt riding, ramp jumping, acrobatics, bicycle moto-cross, dirt biking or similar activities, as all units are not designed or intended for such purposes or usage.

– Colours give our products a smart look which they are intended for and may lose part of their intensity when exposed to direct sunlight over a period of time. Likewise, climatic conditions including moisture, temperature and overall weather conditions may impact the product. This may include rust causing damage to the product. In the unlikely event of rust being observed on the product, anti-rust maintenance is advised, and thus, is not covered under this warranty.

I have read all the above terms & conditions and hereby agree to it.

I have received the product in good condition.