Our Service Station

Need to fix an Aero Spoke or want to get a Bike Wash done?

We have it all at our store, Ecowheelers.

With our certified technicians on board, your bicycle is in very safe hands and we shall treat your bicycle with as much care as it truly deserves.

Ps: We would love to host you over a cup of Chai while you can view your bicycle getting ready to get back on the road.

Ecowheelers Cycle Servicing (Large)

Meet our Techie

Shantilala Prajapati

Head Technician – Shimano Certified

Under his Belt: Ceepo, Factor, Lynskey, Cinelli, Colnago, Pinarello, Giant, Trek and many more.
High Point: NeilPryde Bicycle custom built for a RAAM Participant.


Our Service Packages

Oiling Moving Parts
Wheel Truning
Alignment of handle/seat
Break Adjustment,
Gear Adjustments
Lubing Inner Wires
Frame Wipe Down
Air Pressure
All from Standard Service and -
Check & Adjust Hubs
Check & Adjust Headset
Check & Adjust Bottom Bracket
Cleaning Drive Terrain
Torque Adjustments for Bolts
Safety Check & Report
Polishing the Frame & Tyres
Test Ride
(Also available for Carbon Bikes)
All from HD service and -
Frame Wash / Spa Strip-down Service
Check, Adjust & Grease Hubs
Check, Adjust & Grease Headset
Check, Adjust & Grease Bottom Bracket
Deep Clean Drivetrain
Change / Regressing Ball Bearings

Our Service Packages

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    Taking caring of your bicycle and servicing your bicycle is very important especially when you are a regular cyclist.
    It becomes a task at times to find a bicycle store near me in Mumbai or wherever you are situated and that’s when finding the right and genuine service station is very important

    Components: Genuine and original components to be used in your bicycle so that there are no future problems or greater problems with your bicycle which in turn would be a threat to you as well while cycling.
    Brands: Shimano | Sram | Ashima | Jagwire | 3T | ITM | Scahwalbe | Continental | Maxxis | Kenda | Sunrace | Tecktro | Mucoff

    Tools: The tools and the technique used while servicing your bicycle is of utmost importance as it the determent factor which shall decide the faith of your bicycle. It is highly suggested to use the right tools for servicing bicycles in order to solve the problem rather than increasing the problem even more.
    Brands: Parktools | Icetoolz | Pedros | Jagwire | Tecktro

    Finding a bicycle store near me is now easy in Mumbai as we are situated in the heart of South Mumbai and undertake servicing of bicycles with utmost care irrespective of the type of bicycle or the brand. Ecowheelers is also a Shimano Authorised Dealer and getting components is now easy and super quick.

    On-Road Bicycles: They are also known as Road Bicycles and are known for their speed, agility and performance. Doing long distances is ideal on these kinds of bicycles. They have slim tyres and rigid frame and are the lightest kind of bicycles. Ideally used on paved and smoother surfaces.
    Hybrid Bicycles: They are also known as City Bicycles and are ideal for touring in city or casual riding. They have tyres which are appropriate for city riding and are neither as slim as road bicycles nor as thick as the MTB Bicycles. They majorly are divided into 2 categories which is Hybrids with suspension and without suspensions.

    MTB/ATB Bicycles: Mountain Terrain or All Terrain Bicycles are used for uneven roads as well as city riding. They have thicker tyres and require the most effort while pedalling. City riding with lot of potholes and uneven roads. They too have suspensions and some of MTB bicycles have dual suspensions and are known as Downhill Bicycles.

    We at Ecowheelers do servicing of all the above types of bicycles with a high-end bicycle service station in Mumbai. Get your bicycles to our bicycle store in Mumbai and get it serviced and ready to perform on the road again.