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Essential Cycling Accessories For Beginners

1. Helmet

The head is the most important part of the human body and needs to be taken care of. Bicycle helmets protect the head by reducing the rate at which the skull and brain are accelerated or decelerated by an impact. The helmet acts like a shock absorber. As it is impacted, the expanded polystyrene liner is intended to crush, dissipating the energy over a rapidly increasing area like a cone. Plus it earns you respect from the community!

Some advantages of helmet:

  • Weather Protection
  • Up to 47% of injured cyclists get head injuries, thus protecting against a potential injury
  • Wearing a helmet can provide up to an 88% reduction in the risk of head injury
  • It makes one feel less exposed and therefore safer

Prominent Brands for helmets:

  • Giro
  • Bell
  • Abus
  • Giant
  • Bontrage



You put a lot of money. Don’t compromise with security. A bicycle lock is a security device used to deter bicycle theft, either by simply locking one of the wheels or by fastening the bicycle to a fixed object, e.g., a bike rack.into your bike, don’t compromise on security.

There are three main types of bike lock – Cable, Chain and D-lock

Chain locks

Big, tough and can be looped around virtually any bike. The sight alone of their heavyweight padlocks and thick links is enough to deter many would-be thieves.

Extremely ToughHeavy
Excellent visual deterrentCan be difficult to carry
Can be looped around any bike


D-locks (U-locks)

A solid metal shackle with a removable cross bar, which you loop around your frame and a suitable metal railing or post. They’re also often accompanied with a cable to loop through your quick release wheels.

Very ToughDifficult to loop through some frames
Great visual deterrentSometimes awkward to carry
Lighter and easier to carry than chain
Optional extra cable

Cable locks & Combination locks

Lightweight, convenient and easy to carry, cable locks are great for low-crime areas. Combination locks have no keys, so there’s no risk of losing them.

LightweightCombo-lock is less secure than keyed
ConvenientCables are less secure than solid shackles & links
Can be looped around all bikesPoor visual deterrent
Easy to carry



See and be seen! Bike lights serve two purposes: theyilluminate the way ahead and make you more visible to motorists and pedestrians. Bike lights  provide an effective means of communication to let other drivers know where you are going so that they can act accordingly. By communicating with vehicles that are both behind you and in front of you, you’re doing your part to keep everyone safe on the road.

Some top brands are:

  • Lezyne
  • Magicshine
  • Sigma
  • Cateye



To quench the thirst you need a bottle of water. But wait, where would you store it while riding? You would need a bottle cage to do that. A bottle cage is device used to affix a water bottle to a bicycle. Composed of plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium or carbon fiber, it is attached to the main frame of a bicycle, the handlebars, behind the saddle, or, in uncommon cases, the fork.

The vast majority of bottle cages consist of a single hoop of metal tubing or rod bent to hold the bottle snugly and engage the neck, or an indentation in the case of larger bottles, to prevent it from bouncing out. Varieties, often made out of plastic or carbon fiber, may completely encircle the bottle.



An air pump is a type of positive-displacement air pump specifically designed for inflating bicycle tires. It has a connection or adapter for use with one or both of the two most common types of valves used on bicycles, Schrader or Presta. A third type of valve called the Dunlop (or Woods) valve exists, but tubes with these valves can be filled using a Presta pump.

Several basic types are available:

  • Floor pumps
  • Frame-mounted
  • Compact or mini
  • Foot-operated
  • Double-action
  • Blast or tubeless



Keeping a puncture repair kit in your bike provides you with edge in situations where instead of panicking, you know how to solve the problem! This kit is most handy in tightening any nuts and bolts in your cycle. And when you have a tire puncture, the wrench will come in handy to loosen the nuts that hold the wheel. However, for geared bicycles with quick-release clamps, you can easily remove the wheel by pulling the lever.

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